Shizuoka Prefecture Suruga Area


This bridge was completed on January 13th in 1879. The Shizuoka Prefectural government approved the construction of the bridge after receiving a request from the representatives of a group of people who were cultivating the land in Shimadashuku. Since the bridge was originally made of wood, it was damaged every time water rose in the Oi River. So,the wooden pier was replaced with concrete pier in 1965. The bridge was registered in The Guinness Book of Records as the longest wooden walking bridge (897m) in 1997. Since then, tourists from all over Japan have visited it. It is said that the name of the bridge comes from the following story: When Tokugawa Kamechiyo, the domain lord of Shizuoka in the past visited the site in April 1870; he encouraged the retainers who were cultivating Makinohara saying “this is a treasure mountain.”

Chisaki, 2-chome, Minami, Shimada city

Access (nearest railway station)
About 25 minutes on foot from JR Shimada station

Jorudan For access to the nearest railway station, click here.
From around the time of sunrise to sunset

Open throughout the year

Entry fee
Toll/ Pedestrian: Adults 100yen, Children up to and including elementary school students 10yen. Bicycles: 70yen

Parking for 5 large-sized buses (free of charge)・30 passenger cars (free of charge)

Shimada City Tourist Association 0547-37-1241

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