Aichi Prefecture Owari area


In 1563, Oda Nobunaga built a castle on Mt. Komaki as a base for the Mino conquest. After that, Tokugawa Ieyasu used this place as a base for the battle of Komaki-Nagakute. Then after Ieyasu left for Tokyo, Mt. Komaki was protected throughout the Edo period as a place connected to the Tokugawa Family in the Owari area. The ruins, including a well and a dry moat still remain in various parts of the mountain.

1-1 Horinouchi, Komaki city

Access (nearest railway station)
Take either a Meitetsu bus or Komaki bus from Komaki station on Meitetsu Komaki line. Get off at “Komaki-shiyakusho-mae” stop.

Jorudan For access to the nearest railway station, click here.
Parking for 50 passenger cars (fees charged per vehicle).

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