Ina Castle Ruins Park(伊那市高遠城址公園)



This castle was built around 1440 by Honda Sadatada, who ruled the village of Ina. The castle was surrounded by rivers and rice fields in three directions and had an inlet in the south-west, which was a convenient location for boat transport. The castle was a residence for Mr. Honda for 150 years, until Yasutoshi moved to the Shimousa area.


36 Aza Yagani, Oaza Ina, Kozakai-cho, Hoi county

Access (nearest railway station)
20 minutes on foot from Nishikozakai station on JR Tokaido honsen line.

Jorudan For access to the nearest railway station, click here.
Kozakai Town Board of Education 0533-78-4577