Aichi Prefecture

   Majestic mountain vistas, breathtaking coastal views, and an ambience woven by history and the four seasons — here you can enjoy the varied flavors of the changing seasons amid historical townscapes. You’ll find many things to see, along with convenient access. We welcome you to Chubu, where you’re sure to have a thrilling trip!

The Center of the Chubu Region — The Domain of Military Commanders and Product-making
Aichi Prefecture has long prospered as a crossroads of interchange between eastern and western Japan. The prefectures attractions include a wealth of historical sites with connections to military commanders, as well as a diverse selection of industrial-tourism facilities where you can see and experience the culture of making things.


  • Major specialty products : Hatcho miso, matcha(powdered green tea), chikuwa (a tube-shaped processed fish product), shrimp crackers
  • Number one in Japan for : Production of goldfish, production of cactus, production of orchids, eel-farming
    Sightseeing destinations : Aichi Prefectural Tourist Association